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Custom Drapes in Oklahoma

Drapes are essential for setting the tone of the room and making it more comfortable. The market is flooded with numerous options for fabrics, tracks, and accessories which give you limitless options. Shopping for out of the box draperies can be very time consuming and often you don’t get what you need or expect.

A simple solution to this issue is to use custom drapes and custom curtains. Pick a top-rated custom drape manufacturing company that can build out the best draperies for your property. DMI is the leading custom drape manufacturer operating from Oklahoma and offering some exciting options to match the style and design trends of your commercial space.

Custom Drapes

Why should you choose draperies?

Many people choose to install blinds and curtains for their window treatment. Drapes don’t seem like the first choice, but lately, those shopping for stylish window coverings are often considering the many benefits of customized draperies. These benefits prove that drapes are more stylish and useful than ordinary out of the box curtains.

Drapes offer privacy

It can be uncomfortable to spend quality time at home when your window is open and your neighbors can see everything going on in your house. The same is true for people in hotels, restaurants, and dormitories. Drapery curtains offer the best solution for blocking out the outside world.

Our custom curtains will provide great privacy in your office, hospital, hotel, or motel property, and every other area of your commercial building or apartment complex. This kind of window treatment totally eliminates the chances of someone watching you through the windows.

Better light control

Drapes certainly add a level of style to your existing decor that feels elegant and warm. That’s not the only perk offered by these thick fabrics. Other than design, there are many functional benefits such as better light control, which makes them perfect for any apartment, dorm, or commercial place.

Every homeowner seeks better light control to feel comfortable inside the home. Excess glare makes things irritating, especially when you are enjoying your favorite show on the TV set. Drapes help you in blocking the sunlight or reducing its glare in the required room.

Every person wants to keep the lighting low in the bedroom. Therefore, drapes made of thicker fabric are used in this part of the home. You can prefer drapes made of lighter fabric for your living room to maintain privacy and diffuse the light. It will keep the glares off the screens and yet provide the necessary amount of natural light.

Perfect for window insulation

Almost 50% of heated or cooled air can escape through the windows. It is not good if you are trying to maintain a comfortable environment in your house and office and also trying to keep the power bills low!

Custom-built drapes are chosen based on how much insulation you want to add to your windows. You can choose thicker and heavier fabrics to prevent hot or cool air from escaping out of the room. It will dramatically lower your power bills.

Drapes tend to work way better than normal window curtains and blinds when it comes to window insulation. That’s why DMI receives many orders for manufacturing drapes of heavy fabrics for better window insulation.

Drapes elevate the interior appeal of your property

Many five-star hotels across the globe are equipped with charming draperies. They prefer drapes over curtains or blinds because they make the interior look more stylish and attractive. It will elevate your mood as you come back at home. You will get a comfortable environment to sit and enjoy your free time. Besides, your guests will love your window treatment and they will admire your choice.

Should you buy custom or off-the-rack drapes?

Now you know that drapes are perfect for the window treatment, it might puzzle you that whether you should buy off-the-rack drapes or custom drapes. A lot of people go for off-the-rack drapes because they are worried about the cost. Custom draperies are not costly. These are designed to meet your specific needs.

The following factors prove that custom drapes designed by DMI are the best for your demands:

Greater build quality

Poor construction quality makes off-the-rack drapes fragile and unappealing. The lack of pleats and poor hemming makes it difficult to create a flawless appeal and stability. It will be daunting to customize these readymade drapes according to your needs. That’s a major disadvantage, especially if you buy wrong size draperies for your hospitality or commercial space. You won’t notice any big difference in the cost, but the build quality will be much better.

Easy installation

Drapery Manufacturing Inc. builds custom drapes, especially for various window treatment demands. We know how these drapes should be installed and take into consideration everything from placing drapery rods to the length of the drapes. We take measurements of the area where you want to install the drapes and then design it to ensure it fits perfectly. It will be super easy to install the drapes and remove them for cleaning.

Better knowledge about drapes

Many people still believe that curtains and drapes are the same things. That’s not true because drapes are made of thicker, heavier, and better quality fabrics. At DMI, we are curtain and drapery specialists and offer many different styles, fabric, and features for every kind of property owner. We share our 45 plus years of knowledge about window treatments and provide the best solution for the needs of our customers.

Better options for customization

Ordinary, pre-made drapes do not always offer enough style and color options to be fully customizable. You get what you see on the rack and nothing else. DMI offers an entire catalog with a variety of fabrics, styles and sizes to choose from. We have numerous ways of customizing the drapery with trims, pleats, and decorative accessories. You can take your time and make the right choice to decorate your property’s interior space.

How much are custom drapes?

A customized drapery order will look stylish and offer a royal touch to your interior. The cost of custom drapes mainly depends on the size of the drapes, the style you choose, and the quality of the fabric. DMI provides numerous color options for commercial spaces, residential use, and hospitality.

DMI is known for providing the most cost-effective window treatment solutions in Oklahoma. We’ve been designing, manufacturing, and installing draperies since 1975 with no complaints about price and build quality of drapes. Our professionals ensure that you get exceptional solutions without spending a huge amount of money, which is why we’re the leading custom drapery manufacturing company in Oklahoma.

Where is the best place to buy curtains?

You will find an overwhelming amount of online and big-box stores to buy beautiful curtains, so try to choose a place that has a good reputation for designing their own drapes and curtains. You will obviously have many styles and color shades to choose from, as well as multiple companies offering the best available curtain fabrics.

Be sure you have your measurements ready before you start shopping. We have found over the years that shopping online can present challenges when dealing with colors. Sometimes the style on the screen will be different when your product arrives, so it’s best to physically see the styles in person.

You can even hire professionals to do the entire process for you, including researching all available styles and sizes, as well as custom designing bespoke curtains and drapes.

Trusted Drapes Manufacturer in Oklahoma

DMI is a one-stop-solution for all your drapery and hardware needs. Our company has served Oklahoma based companies for over 45 years. Our budget-friendly prices, free shipping, and commitment to excellence prove DMI is the best in this business.

Contact us today for a free design quote, complete with style options, and all shades of colors to compliment your commercial or hospitality space.