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We are a national wholesale manufacturer of hospitality drapery, multi-housing and commercial draperies and bedding.

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We have been delighting designers with their professional custom draperies since 1975. We realize that decorators and designers are our prized customers and will help turn your vision into reality.

DMI also offers COM labor for commercial and residential projects. Being centrally located in Oklahoma City allows us to provide the best possible service nationwide. DMI offers a turnkey service for the hospitality and custom drapery industry wich includes professional field measuring, manufacturing, and installation. Experience since 1975 and a solid Dun & Bradstreet credit history your projects will be on time and within budget.

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Hotel drapes and draperies for the hospitality industry is our greatest strength. We can customize various options that fit your linen decor.


We custom manufacture draperies and curtains for apartments, university housing and many other multi-housing buildings.


Our antibacterial curtains and professional installation are the perfect solution for healthcare facilities and commercial offices.


We work closely with designers and interior decorators for their specialized custom drapes, bedding and hardware needs.

Carefully crafted draperies and linens for all rooms

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Drapery Measuring & Installation

Drapery Manufacturing would like to provide you with a quote on your window coverings, bedspreads, and hardware.

We are a national drapery wholesale manufacturer at competitive prices. Our top quality fabrics are purchased from the best major suppliers. Fabric swatches are available upon request.



DMI offers a full turn key service for the hospitality industry.

We field measure, we manufacture, and we install. Experience the difference of working with someone in person.



We’re a leading supplier for university and apartment window coverings.

When it comes to college housing and multi-housing, DMI has the expertise to measure, fit and install stylish curtains and drapes for any size room



We specialize in window coverings for facilities and offices.

From hospital curtains and hardware to health care and office draperies, DMI can measure, customize and install the perfect match for your decor.


Hospital Curtains

DMIOK is a leading provider of sterile hospital curtains to nursing homes and healthcare facilities in the industry.

We specialize in products including food-service curtains, patient-specific disposable fabrics, privacy curtains, and custom curtains for a wide variety of applications and customers.

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In today’s climate of high demand for healthcare services and ever more stringent regulations, our essential custom curtains are the perfect compliment to healthcare for patients while safeguarding against infection or contamination.

Hospital cubicle curtains

Cubicle curtains or hospital privacy curtains are essential for maintaining safety and privacy. This kind of fabric is used to partition a room into several spaces, to separate sick patients from the healthy ones, and to provide a private space for medical examinations. However, it is also used for other purposes, such as to provide a reasonably-sized place for light therapy.

DMI’s hospital privacy curtains

The low-maintenance nature of our hospital curtains make them ideal for a wide variety of hospital and healthcare facility uses. A hospital generally does not have enough staff members to regularly maintain the hospital cubicle curtain, so a disposable cubicle curtain fabric similar to shower curtains is perfectly suited. Hospital privacy curtains can also be custom manufactured to ensure their patient’s privacy as well as their safety. Plus,a hospital cubicle or privacy curtain offers an efficient means of managing ventilation while fighting germs and bacteria that can cause infection or contamination.

Drapery Manufacturing Inc hospital cubicle curtains

The DMI hospital privacy curtain line is manufactured for use in a wide variety of different environments. They are mainly used in hospitals, but they can also be found in laboratories, medical clinics and dental clinics. Hospital privacy curtains can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

• Improving an area’s privacy.

• Filtering sunlight and noise.

• Helping to maintain a certain temperature and humidity indoors.

• Smooth curtain track system operating for uninhibited use.

• Ensuring safety by preventing objects from falling or being thrown from one room into another.

Minimizing the spread of infection

Our cubicle curtains are used to separate areas for privacy and safety. They create a barrier so that infection and bacteria cannot easily pass from one area to the next. This is achieved thanks to a combination of physical barriers that are difficult to pass through, and sound barriers, such as privacy hospital curtains with mesh at the top.

More than just a hospital curtain

Besides the main purpose of medical cubicle curtains, our products can also be used as:

Food-service curtains for restaurants and kitchens

Our hospital cubicle curtains are commonly used to divide areas at a food establishment while blocking outside noise. For kitchens, a hospital curtain or medical shower curtains are typically used on doors to provide privacy for the cooks. Food service cubicle curtain manufacturers like DMIOK offer plenty of options to tailor gauges for your curtains so that you can create the perfect fit for your space.

Flame retardant safety

  • Our fire retardant privacy curtains follow NFPA 701 fire codes which means they’re safe to use in hospitals and other high-heat facility settings like kitchens.

To meet the patient’s needs

We use patient-specific disposable fabrics in several different sizes and shapes for our medical curtains, available in a variety of colors and fabric patterns. Our custom drapes are designed with the patient’s privacy in mind while ensuring maximum light exposure while preventing glare or discomfort. We tailor hospitality drapery and medical curtains that work with various curtain track systems to ensure a smooth glide for emergency situations.

Foam-backed curtains

Foam-backed privacy curtains are available in several sizes from short to ceiling-high. These specially-designed hospital curtains are designed to provide insulation against both cold and heat in addition to sound and light. These curtains can also double as a privacy divider or room separator.

Shower curtain tops

Our anti microbial hospital cubicle curtains come in a variety of sizes, which can easily be converted into a shower curtain thanks to the adhesive back strip on the bottom edge. They can also be attached to the shower curtain with a string, hook rings or suction cups.

DMI hospital curtain manufacturer

Our custom drapes manufacturing company also specializes in hospital curtains, which can be used in healthcare settings, restaurants, offices, hotels, art galleries, private homes and other commercial buildings. We make hospital curtains for all types of rooms including: production rooms, surgical suites, operating theaters and examining rooms as well as offices and lobbies. Ready to place an order? Get in touch with our customer sales representatives for a free consultation and quote TODAY!


Custom Drapes Window Treatments

These are window treatments that are custom-made specifically designed for individuals who prefer having their own personal touch and style included in the overall appearance of their windows.

5 Tips For Choosing Hotel Window Treatments

There are many things you need to think about when choosing a window treatment for your hotel. From fabric shades, wooden shades, blackout curtains, roller blinds, and solar shades, you have a multitude of things to consider.

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We’re the authority in hotel curtains and draperies. See our samples and contact us for a quick quote.

DMI has the most modern solutions and installation options for colleges and apartment drapes.

We provide quality hardware, installation and styles for offices, healthcare and hospital curtains.