Hotel Drapes & Curtain Services

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For over 40 years, Drapery Manufacturing Inc. has been offering completely customized hospitality curtain services. Other than hospital cubicle curtains, supplying draperies for hotel projects is one of our greatest strengths. 

At DMI, we customize various options that can fit your linen needs. Experience the difference of working with our team of designers – from measurement, manufacturing, and installation process of customizing draperies for the hospitality industry. 

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Hotel Curtains and Draperies

Our company specializes in hotel and hospitality coverings and installation services. We got your windows covered with our high-quality products, which range from contract drapery, curtains, roller shades, and vertical blinds. 

 The team is composed of skilled and experienced designers, installers, fabricators, and engineering staff. All of them work together to ensure the perfection and seamless installation of commercial and privacy curtains. 

We manufacture a wide variety of products, perfect for each and every hotel room and suite. From custom draperies to custom window treatments, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Draperies and Valances​

For a more welcoming and light feeling, our custom draperies and valances do the job. They come in various colors and styles to create a perfect look for private rooms and commercial spaces. We offer a full selection of the latest colors and patterns. The fabrics used for curtains are certified flame retardant and approved with the NFPA standards. 

Custom Window Treatments

The custom draperies help create a perfect look depending on one’s style and preference. Here are some of the common drapery hardware:

What Does DMI Provide?

DMI covers a broad range of installations of drapery and window fashion applications. We follow a strict timetable with our projects, thus meeting schedules and turning the floors back on time. With our services, you are guaranteed to achieve the following:

Experienced Professionals

We have a number of experienced project managers and designers who are experts in optimizing the products and their installation flow on the floors. These professionals can work around effectively and efficiently at any possible challenge that may arise onsite. 

Precision and Details

The finished drapes are installed with proper care and precision to provide optimum room-darkening results. For a trouble-free service, we use toggles and tapcons to secure the rods and draperies in the window system. 

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Measurement Check

For the standard measurement, we make sure to measure every window to guarantee quality fit. The potential issues and obstructions are also considered especially with the workaround in the hotel applications. Also, detailing is done using photos with notes. 

Shades, Shutters, and Blinds

To ensure accuracy and efficiency, the installation of the roller shades, shutters, and blinds are done and handled floor by floor in the hotel. 

Guests Consideration

We consider and respect the privacy of guests in hotel suites. Thus, we make sure to control the noise levels and limit potential disruption when drilling concrete on occupied properties. Any movement on the elevator or floors is respectfully coordinated with the hotel staff. 

Site Procedures

All our products are handled with care. We make sure of the smooth and productive preplanning installations and management. With the team effort and attitude, accurate and efficient methods are observed to ensure daily workflow and accomplished goals. 

We make sure that the staging areas are kept clean at all times and that our stacking boxes are arranged properly in one area. The rooms are punched as completed when the doors are closed. 

Why Choose DMI?

We’ve provided attentive service to customers in the hospitality industry for 4 decades and pride ourselves in our ability to find the right solution for your hotel or motel. Our installers are extremely flexible in traveling to your location to provide a completely personalized experience.

DMI is an experienced and well-equipped company that can manufacture and handle hotel window coverings, such as drapery, curtains, roller shades, and blinds, with flexibility, dedication, and style. For more information, you can check our samples or contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

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