Where To Buy Hospital Curtains

Hospital curtains are used for a variety of purposes, but their primary use is to create a barrier between patients in a hospital ward. Choosing the best pattern and fabric for the curtain is the first step, and you can easily find a number of styles and colors online to meet the specific requirements of your facility.

Installing these types of privacy curtains on a cubicle track provides a more professional approach to dividing hospital rooms and creating a safe environment. Hospital cubicle curtains can be purchased in any length that you need, and come in various widths as well.


Hospital Curtain Styles

The most popular hospital privacy curtain colors are typically white, blue and cream. Hospital curtains are offered in two styles: solid and opaque color. Both styles of hospital cubicle curtain include sewn-in mesh pockets for use with hardware accessories such as clips, rings, or hooks for easy installation in medical buildings, rooms, or any other business.

Accessories For Privacy Curtains

Privacy curtains for clinics are commonly installed on certain types of tracks and may include hardware that allows you to make the most out of your curtain purchase. You can easily find cubicle curtain track products on all manufacturer websites, including panel grommets, clips, roller carriers, glides, and spool carriers. Clips are used with curtain rings to hang the curtain from the hospital curtain track system.

Hospital curtain track systems can assist in making it easy to move, slide and hold the curtain. The track systems are installed on the top of the walls and allow you to hang the curtains from the top using rings. The most common types of tracks are wall tracks, ceiling tracks and portable curtain tracks.

Hospital Curtain Sizes

The most commonly purchased hospital curtain size is 84×84 and 84×96. Patient privacy curtains also are available in a variety of widths, ranging from 54″ in height to 108″ wide. Ordering medical curtains online is a quick and simple way to order custom size curtains for your office or business.

Hospital Curtain Features

Some popular features of curtains for hospitals are manufactured using moisture resistant materials that resist mold and mildew, privacy pockets to install curtain accessories, and reinforced machine sewn seams. To meet the need of medical industries, these cubicle curtains must be designed using heavyweight, durable fabrics.

Hospital Curtain Cleaning & Care

Caring for any cubicle drape is essential due to the constant exposure to biohazard and bacteria. The material should be wiped down daily with warm water and an approved cleaning solution.

Where to buy hospital curtains

Any customer can easily buy cubicle curtains online or in person. If you’re purchasing hospital curtains for privacy, consider buying a few more than you need in case some curtains are damaged or lost on the way to your location, or from the expected natural wear and tear. Buying multiple curtains ensures that there are enough curtains to meet your needs while still being cost-effective for you and your company.

If you’re looking to buy hospital curtains in a certain size, consider placing a custom order through our website or contacting us with the measurements of each side of the curtain. A factory representative can provide pricing information and answer any questions that you may have about how cubicle curtains work.

How much do hospital cubicle curtains cost?

Customers shopping for specific fabrics for cubicle curtains have a very wide range of prices to consider. There are many items to consider including the addition of a track system. All in all, a good quality cubicle curtain fabric sheet can cost between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars if buying custom curtains and drapes or pre-designed privacy curtains direct from the manufacturer. You can buy from various hospital curtain manufacturers online or in person at very affordable prices.

At Drapery Manufacturing Inc we offer a wide selection of products for cubicle privacy applications in many different styles and fabric patterns to meet the needs of all medical facilities and offices. Our customer service professionals can provide in depth product info for any product or item in our brochure.