Drape Supplies

The Growth of Wholesale Drapery Suppliers in Oklahoma

There’s a wide variety of options when it comes to a window treatment. Choosing what’s perfect for your family can be overwhelming, especially with the interchangeable terms used in interior designing.

Among the many furnishings and window treatments used in any room, drapes seem to have a distinct characteristic and charm that makes the home more relaxing and beautiful, which makes them more popular. This is a sign that demand is increasing, and is an example of why we’re seeing such growth in the wholesale drapes industry in Oklahoma over the past few years.

Drapes introduction

An Introduction to Drapes

Generally, drapery refers to fabrics and textiles used exclusively around window treatments. It serves as the focus of attention alongside the windows or as a way to block glares from the sun. When it comes to design and material, drapes seem to be more substantial than any other type of window coverings, such as curtain paneling.

Drapes are fabric panels lined with a combination of fabrics heavy enough to block outside light. They are long enough and made with stiff fabrics, including luxury materials like linen, and silk.

The Growth of Drapes Suppliers in Oklahoma

Since 1923, several fabric mills have operated in Oklahoma, USA. The industry started with apparel production using soft and light fabrics. Eventually, household products like bed sheets, pillowcases, covers, and draperies were produced using locally grown materials.

Manufacturers tend to stock and use fabric in bulk to ensure consistent and sufficient supplies. These provide continuous, non-folded, and conveniently packaged textile rolls in various specifications, depending on the end-users need and style.

The continuous developments in the industry led to the growth of the business in the area. In fact, more companies started producing and selling the drapery system to various sectors.

Drape Industry

The Expert in the Drapes Industry

While several drapes manufacturers operate in Oklahoma, only a few stood out to create excellent quality drapes for your window – meet Drapery Manufacturing Inc. (DMI).

Since 1975, DMI has been a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of drapes. The company offers customized services through their professional designers who have the ability to turn customers’ vision into reality. Some of the common wholesale draperies offered by DMI include:

Hospitality Drapes

Hotel drapes are one of the greatest strengths of DMI. Full turnkey services and various customization options for the fabric are available to support the needs of the hospitality industry.

Multi-Housing Drapes

Custom draperies and coverings are available for apartments, colleges, universities, and other housing structures. A major commercial space may also benefit from products such as curtains, bedding, and bedspreads.

Commercial Drapes

The panels offered by the company come with antibacterial and insulation properties for a perfect solution to healthcare facilities. The supplies are available for machine wash and come with stain-resistant and fire-retardant materials.

Custom Drapes

Designers and decorators work together with the customer to come up with high-quality drapes. This uses reliable hardware and accessories to ensure durability without compromising the design.

Why Choose DMI?

If you are thinking of transforming your commercial office into something gorgeous, Drapery Manufacturing Inc. is here to help. We specialize in creating an ideal interior that compliments the entire home.

From the functionality of the designs to the innovative fabrics, our company will guide you to ensure the best results. Our experience is felt from the field measuring, manufacturing, and even during installation.

Fill your building with beautiful custom upholstery from the leading supplier of wholesale drapes in Oklahoma, USA. Be sure to know the process before making a purchase. Visit our website or contact us to consult about our new products and other applications. At DMI, we guarantee the best tools based on your most stringent requirements, while staying within your budget.