matching curtains with home interior or wall paint

Matching Guide: Types of Curtains

Have you been thinking about matching your curtains with your home interior or wall paint but just can’t find the right match? This guide will show you how to find the perfect type of curtain you should use that complements your home décor and accent colors.

With so many different curtain styles, it’s overwhelming to choose the right color curtain and design that matches your neutral-colored walls and room styles. Keep reading to know each type of curtain and determine which are the solid curtains for home spaces, hotel buildings, and even hospitals.


functional or decorative curtain


​Different Types Of Curtains

Whether you’re looking for a functional or decorative curtain with complementary colors to match your windows and monochromatic wall, there are plenty of options to choose from. Curtain pleats and curtain colors affect how your curtains drape across the windows or hang on the fabric loops.

These curtain styles serve a unique purpose, such as blocking out light or an addition to your room’s decor. It’s important to understand what you exactly need the existing curtains for. Here are the different types of curtains as well as some tips on how and where you can hang them:

​Single Panel Curtain

Some curtains are sold individually for single-panel windows. They cover the entire window and simply pulled to the other side to open the curtain. Single panel curtains are ideal when you want to create a modern look for your home or window treatments with only one window.

​Panel Pair Curtain

Available in twos, panel pair curtains enable you to hang one curtain on each side of the window. You simply pull the panels together to close the curtains and open them using curtain tiebacks. This type of curtain is best used literally anywhere in the house or building to cover both sides of the window.

​Grommet Curtain

Also called eyelet curtains, grommet curtains offer a contemporary style for any space with white accents. The grommets or open rings are there to support your panels while allowing you to close or open the curtains easily. For rooms where you open and close the curtains regularly, grommet curtains are the best option.

​Tab Top Curtain

When it comes to the casual curtain style, tab top curtains give cottage homes and farmhouses a more casual look. Unlike other curtain types, the prominent loops hanging from the medium brown curtain panels make it a breeze to thread the curtains through your curtain rods.

​Blackout Curtain

The main purpose of blackout curtains is to give you privacy and a restful night’s sleep by blocking out natural light from your room. They are made from thicker curtain fabric materials in primary colors and with blackout lining to effectively block light, not even a shadow can be seen outside your bedroom.

Blackout Curtain

​Window Sill Curtain

This short curtain hangs a little higher than the edge of a window sill. It’s commonly used to cover small windows in bathrooms and kitchens, or as an alternative to long drapes that would be covered by the dark blue furniture right below the window.

​Energy Efficient Curtain

Also known as thermal curtains, this type is usually made with thick, heavyweight fabrics that offer additional insulation to rooms. The purpose is to prevent cold, heat, and air from escaping or entering the windows. Energy-efficient curtains are often used in households such as in the living room to regulate the indoor temperature during hotter months or in the winter season.

​Rod Pocket Curtain

Rod pocket or pole pocket curtains have sheer light colors and lightweight fabrics to give your room design a more casual look. They are easy to install, just insert the curtain rod into the pocket of the fabric. If you’re using thin, tight-fit curtain hardware or rod, a rod pocket curtain is an ideal choice. This makes the curtains not easy to open or close frequently.

​Pinch Pleat Curtain

Pinch pleat curtains give a traditional look to your living room or any space. They are made with heavier fabrics that are pinched and stitched at the top so that the folds will flow naturally and create an elegant look. These custom curtains are perfect for entertaining rooms, sitting rooms, and master bedrooms.

​Cafe Curtain

These are also known as kitchen curtains, they are typically short curtains with lightweight fabric that come with a valance. The main advantage of cafe curtains is that they add more personality to rooms while allowing light to enter without compromising your privacy. Aside from the kitchen, you can also use this type of curtain in the bedroom, sunroom, living room, and kitchen breakfast nook based on your preferred curtain color or color wheel.

​Best Curtains for Home Spaces, Hotels, and Hospitals

Whether you’re looking to give your home a new look, or need to do a make-over to hotel rooms or hospital rooms, curtains are essential in the overall outcome. To help you decide which type of curtain color to use for each window treatment with tall windows and sandy-colored walls, check out the following lists.

Blackout curtains with secondary colors for hotels

The best curtains for your home are the following:

  • Single or panel pair curtains with a sheer white panel for any windows.
  • Pleated curtains with lighter colored curtains for bedroom or living room.
  • Rod pocket curtains with crown molding color for smaller spaces.
  • Grommet curtains with sheer panel for bedroom, living room, or dining area.
  • Cafe curtains with an accent color for the kitchen.
  • Energy-efficient curtains with light shade for older houses.
  • Blackout curtains with pastel orange or pale yellow same color for bedrooms.

For hotel windows, here are the best curtains to use:

  • Blackout curtains with secondary colors.
  • Sheer curtains or glass curtains
  • Panel pairs in roman shades.
  • Draw curtains with darker-colored curtain panels.
  • Slate blue sash curtains.
  • Pleat curtains.
  • Roll-up curtains with striped pattern.

The curtains in hospitals are called hospital curtains and are unique from other types of curtains because of their specific purpose. They are usually made with high-quality fabrics to effectively do their job:

  • Cubicle curtains for emergency rooms.
  • Grommet curtains.
  • Pencil pleat curtains.
  • Vinyl curtains.
  • Shower curtains.
  • Disposable curtains.

When choosing the best type of curtain to use for your specific needs, there are many things to consider. Before you hang your new color curtains in your windows, make sure to understand how each type of curtain color is used and why they are the perfect option for your wall art or room’s color scheme.

So, what are the ultimate choices you want to consider in remodeling your space? Some of the popular choices are grommet curtains, panel pairs, window sill, and blackout curtains. Refer to this matching guide before buying new curtains to find the best curtain style that suits your wall color, room’s décor, interior design, beige carpeting, and budget.