Curtains with blinds on big window

How To Layer Blinds and Curtains

When it comes to window treatments, layering curtains and blinds can give your room more dimension, flair, and practicality. Layering these pieces not only improves the aesthetics but also provides functional advantages such as light control and isolation. At Drapery Manufacturing Inc., we have extensive expertise and understand how these combinations function in every room. We provide many styles for using different window treatment options and cellular shades to improve your room’s aesthetic in a fantastic way!

Big black curtain with pair of blinds on big window

Elevate Your Space: A Guide to Pairing Curtains and Blinds

Here’s a stеp-by-stеp guide to help you with your layered window treatments more effectively:

1. Select Your Treatment Styles

Before you start layering, it’s essential to choose the types of window treatment styles that fit your windows like hard window treatments. Common options include curtains, blinds, roman shades, roller shades, and more. Additionally, selecting the right drapery hardware ensures layering window treatments to function seamlessly.

2. Choose Your Base Layers

The base layer serves as the foundation for the rest of the layers. Typically, this consists of blinds or shades. Woven wood blinds or roller shades are an excellent choice for the base layer. Ensure that the color of your base complements the same window frame and the room’s color scheme.

3. Coordinating Fabric Textures:

Mixing and matching textures adds dynamism to layering. For example, mix smooth and sleek two layers of blinds and textured fabric curtains such as linen or velvet roman shades on the very top layer. You can also add pair print of window scarves on the outer layer. This textural interplay not only adds visual interest but also provides enough room for tactile richness, making the hard or soft window treatments more welcoming and luxurious.

4. Install blinds inside the window frame:

Consider putting blinds inside the window frame for a cleaner, more modern appearance. This allows the blinds to serve as a practical backdrodrop providing softness and elegance. This combination works when dealing with smaller windows or if you want to highlight architectural aspects.


Black curtains with translucent striped blinds inside window frame


5. Combine Sheer Curtains with Blinds:

Such a blackout liner drapes can add an ethereal air to your window treatment by allowing diffused light in while keeping privacy. Matching curtains with shades is an appealing option that allows you to control the level of seclusion and sunlight.

6. Create Styles

Creating styles in different rooms gives each space its character. For example, combine soft window treatments for a breezy, coastal feel in one room while using heavier drapes, hanging curtains, or a roller shade in the master bedroom. This results in a more classic and cozy ambiance, enough to block light and provide better shade during a sunny day.

7. Create a Layered Look on a Single Window

Layered window treatment is not limited to larger windows; you can achieve the same effect on a single window. For a smaller window, opt for curtain rods that extend beyond the window frame to give the illusion of a larger window.

Also, layering curtains or drapes with a curtain rod colour matching within the same room and woven wood shades creates a distinct and personalized aesthetic. For example, you might opt for blinds with on one window and layer a combination of both on other windows.

8. Add Decorative Elements

In some cases, you may choose to layer window treatments for purely decorative purposes. For example, using a window scarf or valance on top of blinds can add a touch of elegance without the need for additional solid curtains or drapes.

Nееd Hеlp From a Professional?

Suppose you nееd dirеction when it comes to different window treatments and combining curtains or drapes. In that case, you can consult professionals at Drapеry Manufacturing Inc. We can surely help guide you through the process and еnsurе that you’ll find a perfect match for your space to filter light from your windows in an aesthetic way.