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How To Determine Hospital Curtain Fabric Quality

More than just a piece of fabric, hospital cubicle curtains are essential for healthcare-related facilities. The best hospital curtains guarantee a private stay while inside hospital cubicles and protect patients from infectious diseases and other harmful occurrences.

It is vital to use high-quality fabric for your hospital cubicle curtain- but how do you know if the medical curtains you’re buying are the right ones?

In this article, we will share how you can determine the fabric quality of your hospital curtain.


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Thick Hospital Cubicle Curtains

The material of choice for healthcare facilities must be tear-resistant and long-lasting. The majority of hospitals and traditional facilities make use of ceiling-mounted tracks to suspend medical curtains. They act as the partition to give patients privacy while receiving medical care.

Many hospitals and other healthcare-related facilities will actually use thick shower curtains to save money without sacrificing sanitation. Sometimes, the same thick materials used in the medical field can also make a good shower curtain.

Additionally, the right fabric should be devoid of heavy metals (anti-static curtains) to prevent static electricity from interfering with the sensitive medical equipment used during treatment.

Materials for Hygienic Treatment

Your cubicle curtains’ resistance to bacteria is also one of the important factors to consider when checking its quality. Patients and medical staff may suffer from allergic reactions inside the patient’s room if bacteria are not killed on contact.

It pays to check your curtain’s quality for the antimicrobial properties of high-quality medical curtains which can help control pathogens. They can also aid in preventing the spread of germs, viruses, and fungi at any medical facility.

Fabric can’t kill bacteria caused by the every day . That’s why it’s essential to choose a hospital curtain with high quality fabric to at least provide the most hygienic treatment in a unique environment.

The mesh and exterior surface of the drapery you select should be thin and smooth. It becomes washable and prevents stains from sticking to a person’s skin.


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A fire-resistant fabric protects the attending medical personnel and patients from burns and fast-spreading flames that may happen unexpectedly. It also protects the building from incurring massive property damage.

To check the quality of your medical curtain, it’s best to check your local regulatory requirements set for hospitals because some states and countries have different standards.

When installing, add a mesh row at the top of every ceiling-mounted curtain cubicle track in addition to a fire-resistant material. The reason is, this provides enough space for your sprinklers to work in case a fire breaks out.

Curtain Length and Window Attachment

To complete the list, you should evaluate the length of each ceiling-mounted medical curtain.

It’s advised to always choose curtains that are long enough for hospital cubicles to give patients privacy, but not too long that they drag on the floor. Excess length in fabric collects dust and bacteria on the floor, which may cause bigger troubles later on.

Ensure that the medical curtains may be attached to ceiling-mounted rails for easy opening and closing. Don’t forget to check the curtain width so that there is approximately 1 – 2 feet of excess material to account for obstructions that the divider will need wrap around.

The quality of fabric you choose depends on the ultimate use you want to expect from your medical drapes. At the end of the day, you can never go wrong when you want to ensure your customers’ safety, comfort, and wellness. Still confused? Drapery Manufacturing, Inc can help you select the appropriate curtains for you.