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How Much Do Custom Drapes Cost for A Living Room

If you’re looking to upgrade your room interior, custom drapes for living room can transform your room into a stylish space. While there are ready-made curtains available in department stores, customized curtains are designed to match the unique style and size of your living room window.

However, you may be curious as to how much you will need to spend on a customized curtain for your living room. Keep reading to gauge the average cost for customized curtains and some tips on choosing the best custom draperies for living rooms.


Large Custom Draperies


What Is the Average Cost for Custom Draperies

Perhaps, the first thing that always comes to your mind when shopping for living room window curtains is the cost. If that’s so, the average cost for customized window curtains is between $1,000 to $2,500 depending on the curtain design, size, and material used.

In addition, the cost varies geographically and whether you’re getting a full-service custom curtains company.

For turn-key curtain service, it includes front-end design and back-end service, so it may be reasonably pricier than other services. The price point could be less or could be more considering the services and mechanics included in the customized curtains.

If you choose quality customized rods and home fabric, expect to spend a bigger budget.


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What Are the Best Custom Draperies for Living Rooms

White drapery panels give living rooms natural elegance while it’s easier to update the space in order to modernize the entire look. They are also energy-efficient and you can layer them with other curtains and window treatments that flow down the floor smoothly. If you want to achieve a simple and lighter style, opt for a wider, sheer white drapery.

Moreover, customized draperies can also be used with valances and other window treatments to create a fusion of styles. Valances conceal the drapery’s hardware while blocking unwanted light in the living room, giving it more privacy. If you want to add traditional decor to your living room, valances with drapes are perfect for that vintage look.

Now if you want to go all out with your home custom-made drapes, you can layer them with cellular shades, roller shades, roman shades, and other options. This is the best way to develop more style and control while keeping the overall design neat and visually appealing.

However, it’s not an easy task to layer window treatments, so asking for professional help is a good idea. Choosing the right combination of colors when it comes to pairing cellular shades and roman shades with drapes is challenging and fun at the same time.

Unlike curtains, custom drapery has more control and is tailor-made to your living room windows. The added weight of drapes keeps them in place on the floor, optimizes energy efficiency, minimizes airflow, and adds a touch of luxury to the entire living room.

Final Thoughts

Living room curtains can be expensive options because of the additional weight they carry and the specifications they bring to any window treatments. Whether you’re planning to do a makeover for your living room, bedrooms, or any space in your home, investing in custom-fit drapes and other window treatments is worth a choice.