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How To Choose A Curtain Color

In a room’s design, another important thing that should be chosen carefully is the curtain color. From bright colors to darker curtains you can surely be overwhelmed from the vast options to choose from. So to help you choose curtains, follow the tips below on how to pick curtains for your home.

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Pick Out The Right Curtain Fabric

Curtain colors and drapery fabric can influence and affect the aesthetic of your room. If it’s time for you to select curtains for your space, here are basic reminders to choose the right fabric for your living room curtains:

When getting a blackout lining, you need to consider how much light will you allow in the room. You should choose curtains to be sure of the amount of light filtering and light control you need.

You should take note of the wall color and the interior of your family room. For common areas, like the living room, choose heavier fabrics and neutral or beige walls. But sheer fabrics with warm colors are trending now for minimalist homes.

Also consider if you’d like your window frame built with curtain rods, curtain rails or prefer more modern styles for your room design.

You can use a color wheel or a color palette to accurately determine the right colors to buy.

Factors To Consider In Choosing Curtains

Wall Color

When finalizing your interior design, don’t leave out planning the look of your windows. This may not be the focal point of the area but, it should still harmonize with your wall paint. For instance, to elevate your room’s aesthetic, you can choose a complementary color like yellow curtains for your visual space.

Furniture Colors

Your living room window treatments should look good with all your soft furnishings. So, choose drapes with color schemes that fit well with the furniture. It doesn’t matter if your window curtains are all light, cool colors, or darker shades. Why not create an accent shade by purchasing same color curtains?


If you’re going to buy curtains with patterns, say, for your living room, make sure that all curtains match your room’s decor. Take into account prints and patterns that can complement almost every theme. Although it’s important to note that the curtain hue may not suit your home design.

If your furniture all has a single color, custom curtains can add a unique touch to it. Alternatively, pairing solid-colored hang curtains with furniture with patterns and prints is a nice contrast.


Curtains At Window


Common Window Treatments

Window shutters – These usually come in dark colors that block most of the sunlight and ensure complete privacy from the outside.

Venetian blinds – Blinds like these are put in place by cloth tapes that allow you to rotate them up to 180 degrees. You will normally see these made with wood, metal, or plastic.

Sheer curtains – This is the opposite of blackout curtains and is usually made from fabrics like gossamer, silk, and nylon. For a small room, using a neutral shade is best if you plan to build a minimalist look for your home since sheers allow natural light to penetrate through, creating a beautiful light.

Drapery – These are common curtains that can move across the curtain rod, which allows you and other people in the home to control home much light can go through.

Roman shades – Lay a few inches when lowered and offer protection and insulation during extreme temperatures. Roman shades come with a variety of light colors which gives a relaxing ambiance.

Get The Right Curtains!

The best curtains are not just found in the center stage. In every home decor, you should always consider the color scheme when choosing curtain colors. Never settle for a dull-looking living rooms, bedrooms, or dining rooms.